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Somewhere in March this year, Uitgeverij Vrijdag, asked me if I was interested to make the book design and illustrations for ‘Blogboek’ written by Kelly Deriemaeker. From the beginning I was very enthusiastic about the project and even more after I had met Kelly. I soon realized that what she had in mind for the book did perfectly fit with how I like to design. Playing with type in combination with designing some bold patterns and small iconographic illustrations is what I love. Above you can see a glimpse of the result. Curious to see the complete design? I can only recommend you to buy the book. Not just for the design, of course, but for the great content about blogging as well. If you own a blog or want to start one, this book is a must-have! After a summer of hard work this is exactly what I did: sit on a terrace during a blissful late summer day with a nice cup of coffee, reading ‘Blogboek’. Such a joy!


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  1. Inderdaad een heel leuk en nuttig boek! En de bijzonder fijne vormgeving maakt het nog leuker om te lezen. Proficiat!

  2. The pleasure was mine, ik ben nog altijd elke keer zotcontent als ik zie hoe fantastisch het boek eruit ziet. Met ongelooflijk veel dank, dus! :)

  3. Het is een geweldige vormgeving! Ik ben Fan!!!

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