My book has arrived!

The arrival of a new book is always an exciting moment. Last week the postman dropped De kast van Stien in  my mailbox, and I’m very pleased with it! Here you can see a few pages out of the book. A picture is just a picture, so if you want to see the real thing, run to the bookshop as fast as you can! ;-) Available in most bookshops or te be ordered at De Eenhoorn.


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  1. Ik heb net het boek in handen en als je het mij vraagt: één van de mooiste die ik in lange tijd in handen gehad heb… (en dat zijn er zéér veel…).

  2. This is really the very pink of chidren’s books. I’m quite eager to hold the right stuff in my hands and admire your illustrations and read the poems of your “little” sister.

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