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Two Illustrations I made for the May issue of  ‘Ouders Van Nu’.

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A summer of hard work









Somewhere in March this year, Uitgeverij Vrijdag, asked me if I was interested to make the book design and illustrations for ‘Blogboek’ written by Kelly Deriemaeker. From the beginning I was very enthusiastic about the project and even more after I had met Kelly. I soon realized that what she had in mind for the book did perfectly fit with how I like to design. Playing with type in combination with designing some bold patterns and small iconographic illustrations is what I love. Above you can see a glimpse of the result. Curious to see the complete design? I can only recommend you to buy the book. Not just for the design, of course, but for the great content about blogging as well. If you own a blog or want to start one, this book is a must-have! After a summer of hard work this is exactly what I did: sit on a terrace during a blissful late summer day with a nice cup of coffee, reading ‘Blogboek’. Such a joy!


Recharging batteries


Finally I’ve brought myself to writing a blog post once again. Spending a week in nature has given me new energy. Apparently it has also helped our one year old daughter to realize that you can sleep a lot more than 3 hours at once. The past year has been exhausting, so there has been little time to work and be creative. Yet, I have created some things that I will show you soon. I’m happy to be back in blogosphere!

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LeenDePelseneer-KaartjeMona LeenDePelseneer-BabyMona

Hi there! I’ve been absent for a long time, but finally I’m back to show a sign of life. Even a big sign of new life! On April the 21st our daughter Mona was born. Above you can see the birth announcement I made for her and a picture of when she was 8 weeks old. I truly hope to find some time again to keep you informed about my illustration work and inspiration. Thank you loyal readers for your patience!


Happy New Year!

Wishing you all a wonderful 2013!



Two unpublished illustrations. The constellation of Pisces and Scorpio.

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New greeting cards

Christmas is not far away anymore, so I thought it’s about time to create a new set of greeting cards. Available in my shop right now! And remember, until Monday night (November 26, 2012) you will get a 10% discount on your complete order.



Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals at Leen’s Etsy shop. 23/11/2012 – 26/11/2012.

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Aha, this one fits better with the time of year! After three years of illustrating for ‘Seizoenen’, this is the last illustration I made for this magazine’s column. I’m very curious to see what my successor is going to make.

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Summertime is over

We are in the middle of autumn, but I look back to the summer with nostalgia! Above you can see an illustration that I made for the column in ‘Seizoenen’ some time ago. At the moment I’m working on new designs for Christmas cards. They will fit better with the current weather. I’ll show you the result soon!

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